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We are Bremnes Data & Consulting, a web-based company with a base office in Western Norway. We whore created in 1998. Although we have our base office in Norway, we give help and guidance to companies and excellent service in helping businesses and individuals all over the world, with the use of various tools.

We offer consulting over the Internet. Therefore we can hold our expenses down so we can provide solutions for a lower cost than our competitors. We have seen our services that the Internet brings, and uses a variety of tools to help our customers.

Bremnes Data & Consulting was maid by Bjørn Ove Bremnes and is as a sole proprietorship, adequated for co-operating with customers. We will always be around, and it is easy to get in contact. We use manly the Internet as our contact form. We can, therefore, serve more customers at the same time from our own office. helps Businesses and Individuals to maintain a prestine online profile with a high value of experience in our solutions.

 Bredc is co-operating with many other companies and individuals, all to the goal to give our customers the best service and attention that EVERYONE deserves.

Our Vision

Bremnes Data & Consulting wants to contribute with its long-time experience in dealing with different ways to succeed on the Internet today!

Our promises

We will always set the customer before big salaries and huge profits. We will do our best to the best of knowledge we have.

Our Philosophy

Working hard and working smart sometimes are often two different things. Our customers always have the final word!